Over the past 10 years I have created an Urban Dance curriculum that includes isolations, grooves, footwork, strengthening and stretch. I have taken the discipline of my ballet training and other dance styles and created a class format that will push each student to new levels in their skill in urban dance. Urban dance is often viewed as a lesser discipline than ballet, Jazz or Tap, however with the rising popularity of urban dance in the commercial scene it is evident that it provides more income not only for working dancers but also Dance schools. I have trained all the tutors in this style and will continue to train them so that each student can reach his/her potential within the time we have with them.

Elly Pascoe
Director and founder of Moorhouse Dance Studio




Elly Hanssen / Christchurch

Loren sila / Christchurch


At 22 , she’s already showing the world what she’s got! Currently travelling the globe Performing as an artist/dancer alongside the creative collaboration group known as ‘SWARM’, Loren is wanting to explore all aspects of being a skilled creative. This relentless lover of the arts has performed in world class Festivals around Asia and America, in Arena’s alongside Savage, Scribe, Ladi 6 and has opened for people such as Aaradnah and Ciara. She's taught hiphop dancing to all ages and levels since the age of 14 . These years of experience include, competition crews, producing/choreographing for productions, back-up dancing, video clips and much more. She would love to see every student find joy in what they do and confidence in who they are.

Brooke vincent / brisbane

Brooke is a fresh new dancer/choreographer/teacher recently moved to Brisbane from New Zealand to help build and connect with the Brisbane dance community. Dancing under SWARM CREATIVE COLLABORATION, Brooke has learnt the technical foundations that it takes to carry yourself as a well rounded dancer, mainly training under the styles that Hip Hop and Urban dance carry. Dancing since the age of 14, Brooke has quickly found her place as a performer, already dancing in international and national festivals, conferences, tv shows, back to dancing for local artists, placing in national/local dance competitions and opening for RNB star, CIARA. Teaching for 4 years, Brooke has found a love for watching the confidence and skill level of her students grow and becoming passionate and willing to pursue the arts. Teaching people between 3 and 30 years of age and from every skill level, Brooke is able to adapt her teaching approach for everyone that comes her way.



Tash Crichton was born and raised in Wellington. She is 18 years old, started dancing at the age of 4 and is very passionate about her craft. For 13 years she has trained in Urban HipHop and 2 of those years she trained in Ballet and Jazz. She started teaching dance at the age of 10 and has continued to up skill herself to become a great tutor. She has taught all levels of dance and all ages. Tash has competed in various competitions nationally and internationally. To name a few she has competed in SDNZ Regionals 2011 placing 1st, SDNZ Nationals 2011 placing 2nd, World of Dance, represented NZ at the World Hiphop Champs placing 10th. She has also been apart of many competition crews in Wellington and in our very own Reality Dance Crew. She has been involved in leading groups such as Stage Challenge, NZCAF high school teams and Polyfest. She also is the Coach of 'Tag Dance crew' and has helped with other crews in the studio. Tash loves teaching people her craft and believes that you can do anything that you put your mind to doing. If you give your best effort, work hard, practice hard and keep an overall positive attitude throughout your dancing experience, you will succeed.  

kelly / Christchurch

Kelly has been dancing for 13 years since the age of 9. She first started dancing at salsa rhythm where she had many opportunities to perform at 'christmas in the park' for two years in a row behind some well known artists. After meeting a few people through dancing she then started up a crew with a few friends called 'soul 7' where they won multiple competitions all over New Zealand. They were asked to perform at many concerts and gigs around christchurch city. She was part of that crew for 3 years and then  went on to taking classes with Elly Pascoe performing in shows such as lunar lane etc Soon after becoming a part of 'Swarm performing arts collaboration'. Getting many opportunities to perform at parachute music festival for 3 years in a row right to opening up for international artist Ciara and many more. She also had the opportunity to perform in Los Angeles right on Hollywood Blvd with a few people from the crew. Now she is a part of Moorhouse Dance studio. She teaches 'Prez' the young boys crew aged between 7-11. She is also a part of 'Swarm Crew' and training in many classes at the studio.

vicky / Christchurch

 Vicky Daly is 21 years of age & has been dancing for 10 years. She's been trained primarily in Hip Hop dancing for this time. Vicky had been competing full time from the age of 10-14 and  believes this has set her up for a great future in being a student, choreographer and leader at MDS. Being involved in competitions has taught her a lot about approaching not only competition but any class with a head on, ready to learn attitude. She believes because she has applied this to all of her learning from age 14-21 and it has shaped her into the tutor and performer she is today. "As a tutor I like to have a fun, energetic approach so that any class/crew I am teaching feels like they can be relaxed in the class and feel as though they are accepted no matter there skill level. With this, I try to communicate that in the class I am teaching I want the class to grow from the choreographer and push their level to the next level. This is some thing I have picked up through the the MDS values respect, time, honour, work. This has helped greatly in my performance and from these values I feel like I can grow in every other aspect of my life outside of dance. These are things I bring to dance and try to make myself the best teacher/performer I can be." Vicky teaches both the 'Adults beginner class' and 'Stolen Crew'. 

 'Adults beginners' is a class where people can come in, drop all insecurity and grow with people that are all in the same age and skill level. This class has an encouraging and uplifting vibe to it and students will be pushed to the best of their ability.

'Stolen' is a intermediate competition crew consisting of a maximum of 8 members. The students picked for the crew are at a intermediate level working towards an advanced level through out the year. Stolen is an encouraging, inspiring and fun loving crew full of growth and talent. We can't wait to see what next year brings! 


Jayme / Christchurch

Jayme is a part of 'Swarm Collaborations' – Dancing, performance, Competition, Choreographing and teaching. Her impressive repertoire includes: And then some - Dance showcase, Parachute Music festival- dancer on the main stage, Rapture Ruckus 'Lose Control'- Music video, Elly 'Do Ya Dance' Music video, Erin Simpson Show -Tv Show, What Now- Tv show, This is street dance- Tv Show, Shake Down Comp- 1st place, Ciara in Christchurch Concert- Opening for her show, Rams Basketball team games- Team Dancer, 'Brisbane YA Citipointe conference'- Dancer on the MainStage.

 Jayme teaches a competition crew called 'Pretty Frowns' which mainly focuses on putting together dances to enter into comps around NZ. The expectation she has for this crew is: Practicing every day, fitness, stretching and learning a vast array of different styles & choreography. She also works on character development so that each dance piece is unique and that all crew members embrace their individuality and craziness. She also teaches the 'Teen beginner class' this class mainly focuses on a dance piece for the end of term 'show off' concert. "The first thing i say in every class is be fearless because as a beginner to dancing our minds are our worst enemy, so if it's left at the door it puts my students in a better mind set and the class will be amazing." Her style of choreography isn't a typical 'Hip Hop' style as it is somewhat odd but very expressive with each dance piece centre around a specific concept. "Through this style i have found myself and i help my students find passion and freedom for dance." 


Rach / Christchurch

Each trained in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary throughout her childhood. She is a member of 'Swarm Crew' and has been training in Hip Hop for 9 years under Elly Pascoe. Each has done numerous performances both nationally and internationally and has also performed on TV. Rach coaches 'Essence Crew' is a beginner/intermediate all girl dance crew aged 8-12 years of age. This crew is getting built up to be competition ready and perform at every opportunity. The practice environment is an encouraging one with the goal of developing the dancers to move on to move on and advance to a varsity level crew. Rach is passionate about investing into the next generation. 



Respect for all people, Be on time, Honour at all cost, in other words, Don’t gossip, Studio is a work place, leave your troubles at the door. Pay fees by the due date on the invoice. If you have enrolled for a term it is your responsibility to attend all classes – fees will not be refunded or credited if you are sick or have other commitments.